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At Butterfly Allure our goal is to add a touch of beauty to the client’s natural canvas. We like to ensure that every customer that walks into our salon is treated with a unique individual service to reach perfection. 

We particularly specialise in Lashes, Brows and Nails.

Our lash lifts and tints visibly lengthen, darken and thicken the natural lash. We also offer an extensive range of mink lash extensions tailored to the individual's eye shape. This includes a classic lash where a single extension is bonded with love to an individual natural lash. 


Perhaps a more volume is desired where a number of ultrafine extensions are skillfully bonded to each lash to create a style that will really suit the client. Whether it is wanting a natural or noticeable look or one that’s super glamorous, we’ll tailor and work to design and customise each look to define and accentuate the individual.

Our creative brow stylists will ensure that eyebrows are expertly shaped to frame the face. Additionally, we offer tint to colour the brow hair using special tint to match the natural brow colour. Furthermore, perhaps a brow lamination may be suited in which this two-step perming treatment corrects the brow shape and sets the hairs in place. 

Gorgeous colour starts with the right foundation. Nails have their own biology, just like hair and skin. For the best care and the most beautiful outcome, nails require a studied approach that is similar to how a facialist cares for the skin. Nail types can be best described as Dry, Brittle, Damaged, or Normal, and they may be peeling or breaking. 


For every nail type and every problem, there is a solution for the best care and most beautiful outcome. Our trained technicians at Butterfly Allure understands the structure of each client’s nails as the key to success to restore health and wellness to natural nails, and must devise a regimen unique to the individual. We offer an extensive range of OPI Gel colours for all seasons, as well as custom nail art.

At Butterfly Allure we'll make your beauty dreams come true. With our passion and expertise, you're in the best hands.

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