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We offer an extensive range of mink lash extensions tailored to the individual's eye shape. This includes a classic lash where a single extension is bonded with love to an individual natural lash. Perhaps more volume is desired where a number of ultrafine extensions are skillfully bonded to each lash to create a style that will really suit the client. Whether it is wanting a natural or noticeable look or one that’s super glamorous, we’ll tailor and work to design and customise each look to define and accentuate the individual.

Strip Lashes

from £8


Full Set

from £25


Half Set

from £20

Cluster Flicker

Set of 3

from £12

5D Full Set

from £75

5D Half Set

from £50


2 Week Infill

from £25


3 Week Infill

from £35

Lash Removal

from £15

Eyelash Lift

Including Tint

from £60



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